Offering a large range of services to body corporates, building managers and management rights businesses!
Call us today to see how B4B can help!



Offering a large range of services to body corporates,
building managers and management rights businesses!
Call us today to see how B4B can help!

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Working together for an outcome that’s best for your building!

We work closely with all parties involved in the management rights of a building. Providing the structure and support a successful building needs, and creating solutions to any issues you may encounter.

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Building Managers / Caretakers
An icon for body corporate managers with a building and a gear cog shape
Body Corporate Managers
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Committee Members

Management Triangle

Management rights can be aligned to a triangular management structure with the stakeholders being the body corporate/committee, the body corporate manager and the building manager.

Each party is joined within the triangle and if ever there is a breakdown in relationships the stakeholders need to understand the underlying reasons they are all there which is the building.

In other words the stakeholders should always follow a best for building attitude.

An image depicting the management triangle made up of four smaller triangles for each section
An accountant holding a calculator working on a letting agents trust accounts

Accounting Advice

Take the stress out of your management rights business finances? Customized accounting solutions can streamline your operations and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

A body corporate liaison standing up holding a body corporate services meeting

Body Corporate Services

Body Corporate not working the way you thought it should? We can help to get the committee working effectively together to give the best outcome for your building.

An electrician working on the caretaking of a high-rise building by installing solar panels

Building Manager Mentorship

Comprehensive assessments of your business & building's needs, customised solutions, and practical recommendations. We have the expertise to assist you.

Strata consultants shaking hands after successful a mediation and facilitation

Strata Consultants

We can help develop practical strategies for conflict resolution, and provide expert advice and support so you can navigate any challenges that arise.

A relief manager exchanging documents with a building manager

Relief Manager Network

Take that well deserved break, visit family and friends. Or finally put that emergency plan in place by introducing relief managers that meet your specific needs.

A sales agent handing over the keys of a management rights for sale

Management Rights For Sale

Comprehensive property management and business buy/sell services to help you achieve your financial goals. Looking to buy or sell a business? We're here to help you succeed.

A man waterproofing a high rise building using waterproofing products

Waterproofing Services

Put an end to leaks and moisture issues! We'll assess your property, discuss your requirements, and provide a tailored plan that fits your budget and timeline.

An image of a buyers agent signing a document with keys on the paper.

Buyer's Agent

Ready to invest in management rights? Let our expert buyers agents guide you towards the perfect management rights opportunity.

An image of a man in front of a computer working on custom website development.

Custom Website  Development

Let us create a brand new website for your management rights business or find out how we can give your existing site a fresh coat of paint.

"If you need ANY assistance with your management rights business. I highly recommend Best 4 Building they are the ultimate one stop for onsite managers, body corporates and committee members alike. Professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!"
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Body Corporate Training

Join us in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast for this essential interactive training session!

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